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MAY 2, 2007

Big shunts in Spanish test

There have been a couple of big crashes in Formula 1 testing in Barcelona in recent days with Spyker newcomer Adrian Valles having a sizeable hit on Monday when he piled the Spyker into the wall at Turn 3. The FIA impact light was illuminated after the shunt (indicating that the forces involved had been such that the driver is required to undergo a medical check) bnut it seems that the 20-year Spaniard was unharmed. The car suffered serious damage.

Kazuki Nakajima, driving a Williams, also had a decent sized crash in Turn 9 although the car was repaired without too much drama.

On the first day of the test the fastest time went to Ralf Schumacher's Toyota but it later transpired that Ralf had missed a chicane and thus the best time was actually Kimi Raikkonen's best in his Ferrari. There was rain on Tuesday and so testing was restricted.