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APRIL 12, 2007

Bernie aims for Asian GP2

Bernie Ecclestone says that he would like to see an Asian version of GP2 in Asia during the winter months, in order to help the sport grow in the emerging markets. It is very important for the F1 chief to find drivers from some of the new countries to bring in more viewers. At the moment the locals have to move to Europe and race in Formula 3 or GP2 in order to get the exposure and experience necessary for F1. An Asian GP2 series would probably end up feeding the European-based GP2 serfies but it would also have the useful side-effect of damaging the A1 Grand Prix Series which runs races in Asia in the winter months. Many of the existing GP2 teams run A1 teams in the winter months and would probably stop doing that if they were able to use the machinery for both championships.