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APRIL 3, 2007

Carlin launches Carlin Advanced Technologies Ltd

Trevor Carlin has long had ambitions to be a Formula 1 team owner. That is not an easy thing to achieve and so he has been quietly building up his empire in recent years. Although the plans to run in GP2 with DPR failed to come to fruition, Carlin is running teams in four different championships with cars in A1 Grand Prix, the Renault World Series, the British Formula 3 Championship and Formula BMW GB. In addition the team now owns the old Brabham F1 factory in Chessington and has recently set up a new division called Carlin Advanced Technologies in order to provide windtunnel and composite services to for customers. The first project undertaken was the construction of a Formula 3 Dallara model for use in the one-third scale windtunnel at Chessington which Carlin hopes will give the team amn edge on the race track. The team says that it is willing to rent both the windtunnel and the model to other teams.

The technical team at Chessington is headed by David Brown, who worked with Reynard in F3 and F3000 in the early 1990s before working at Tyrrell between 1995 and 1998 as engineer to Mika Salo and Toranosuke Takagi 1995-1998 before being picked to be chief test engineer for Dr Harvey Postlethwaite's original Honda F1 operation in 1999-2000.