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APRIL 1, 2007

Update on Enge

More details have emerged about Tomas Enge's injuries from his accident on Saturday night at St Petersburg in Florida. The Czech former F1 driver suffered no burns, nor head injuries but has a badly broken elbow, a series of cracked ribs and a partially collapsed lung. He may also have broken his ankle but more tests are needed to be certain of that as doctors were concentrating on the injuries to his upper body.

The elbow injury will require reconstructive surgery as the joint is badly damaged and there must therefore be questions about Tomas's future in racing as serious arm injuries have ended many careers in the past. It is however too early to make any predictions about the future.

The Petersen/White Lightning team reports that Tomas is in good spirits. He is expected to stay in Florida for several more days before being transferred to a hospital nearer his home in Indianapolis.