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MARCH 22, 2007

India aims for a race

As interest in Formula 1 continues to grow in Asia and the Middle East, India is still trying to get its act together to hold a race. The Formula One group is always going to make exceptions for a country that has a population of one billion people but in order for a race to go ahead, there needs to be some serious movement as the calendar for the years ahead becomes more and more crowded.

The government says that it likes the idea but the question remains as to whether the state will be willing to fund a circuit or whether private enterprise will be called in. There is a plan for a race in New Delhi after the Commonwealth Games, which are due to be held in New Delhi in 2010. This will mean that New Delhi is to have new roads, a renovated airport and much improved infrastructure but it remains to be seen if there is money to pay for the fees being demanded each year by FOM.