Illien drops out of MotoGP

Mario Illien has announced that his MotoGP team will not be attending the next round of the series although engine development work will continue while the team tries to track down financial backers.

"We discussed the situation in great detail internally and obviously it was an extremely difficult decision for us to make," says Mario Illien. "Once we went through all the options, we decided that the best course of action for the sake of the project as a whole would be to put the racing side of things on hold and continue developing. My heart is still very much in the team ‚Äö we have had fantastic support from the public and the media with some great coverage worldwide. I would also like to say how enormously proud I am of what we managed to achieve in a short space of time ‚Äö we have a good group of people who have worked incredibly hard over the past few months. Both riders, Jeremy McWilliams and Andrew Pitt have given their best during a difficult development time ‚Äö I couldn't have asked for more than that."

Illien turned to MotoGP after selling his interest in the Mercedes F1 engine programme.

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