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MARCH 7, 2007

All talk. Now we need action

With just a few days remaining before the start of the new Formula 1 season in Melbourne there is a lot of talk about who thinks who is going to do well. This is a necessary evil but a dangerous game in a world where electronic stories stay forever and do not transform into chip paper as they used to do in the age of paper.

It has been a very long winter, unusual for Formula 1, and fans are no doubt keen to see what happens. The calendar is nonetheless rather odd this year with a three week gap after Australia and then two races in a week before another month of inaction.

This will no doubt help when Bernie Ecclestone tries to slot new races into the calendar in the years ahead but makes this year's activities a little patchy.

In terms of real news, there is currently very little and as we do not believe in manufacturing news stories we are keeping quiet for a few more days.