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FEBRUARY 28, 2007

Oh Lord, here come the next do-gooders

It has long been feared in motor racing circles that as soon as tobacco was out of the way the world's do-gooders would turn their attention to attacking alcohol advertising because they believe that alcohol is bad if one drinks too much of it.

This is not rocket science.

Australian politicians are now calling for alcohol sponsorship to be banned at the Clipsal 500 V8 motor race in Adelaide. South Australian Democrat MP Sandra Kanck says that having spirit and wine companies associated with motor racing promote the combination of alcohol and fast driving.

One might argue that supermarkets should be banned from sponsoring cars as well because there are some people in the world who eat too much and others who drive and eat at the same time and thus cause accidents. The same can be said for mobile phones. They should be banned because people drive with them and crash into things.

And there are even those who argue that do-gooding MPs should be banned because they make normal sane people so angry that they lose control of their cars.