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FEBRUARY 27, 2007

FIA pushes back 2010 regulations

The FIA has decided to push back new ideas it was planning for 2010 because it wants to discuss the new plans for engines in 2011 and coordinate these with the ideas under discussion. The rules include a proposal to standardise or partially standardise aerodynamics, which was opposed by many of the teams. In addition there were plans to use waste heat to help propel the car.

The negotiations will now move on to what kind of engines should be used and the FIA can - in all likelihood - forget about attempts to standardise aerodynamics, something which cuts at the very heart of the sport. Engine and tyre development have been frozen and engineers are arguing that there must be technologies which can make a difference in order that F1 retains its status as the cutting edge formula. The delay means that the discussions can now move on to ways that aerodynamics can be made road-relevant.