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FEBRUARY 26, 2007

Goodbye Turn 13?

Indianapolis's Turn 13 - Turn 1 in reverse in speedway parlance - is a corner which has challenged Formula 1 drivers in recent years. With high speeds, a banked track and no run-off area there are have been some sizeable accidents there - usually involving Ralf Schumacher.

But things may be about to change. As Indianapolis looks to including motorcycle racing in the calendar, the track used by F1 will have to be modified as the bikers cannot race with solid concrete walls that close to the circuit. The obvious way to do this would be to have a new section of road in the infield, although this will be a bit of a problem as it will disrupt the existing access roads and support paddocks. However, if the track were to remain the same until after Turn 12 where it crosses the main entry tunnel, there could be a new Turn 13 in the infield. This would require a new pitlane entry and at least two other corners.

According to US sources the track design has already been agreed with the FIM, the world motorcycle federation.