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FEBRUARY 14, 2007

New technology of a sort

Vodafone McLaren Mercedes has done a deal with the Kuortane Sports Institute in Finland in order to take a more scientific approach to the preparation of drivers in Formula 1. The Kuortane Sports Institute is best known as both the Finnish National and International High Performance Training Center with outstanding training facilities offered to athletes at all levels as well as for the everyday public who want to keep in shape. The Institute will conduct physical performance tests as well physical and medical examinations and professional consultation for the drivers and team members.

"The physical demands of driving a modern Formula 1 car mean that the drivers have to possess the highest level of human performance, the same as other world class athletes," says McLaren chief executive Martin Whitmarsh. "The Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula 1 cars are designed and built using a scientific approach to obtain data to understand and rectify any weaknesses. The fitness of a driver or a member of the team can be a very influential variable on our overall racing performance, so we have developed a scientific approach to assessing physical performance to pinpoint any possible weaknesses and then to work on improving these areas."