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DECEMBER 27, 2006

Quiz answers

The answers for our Christmas Quiz were as follows. Click on the links to learn more in the encyclopedia.

Which Grand Prix driver came from a family that ran the Warrior Tap and Die company in South Mimms? Rodney Nuckey.

Name the F1 engineer whose father was an Air Chief Marshal in the Royal Air Force and crashed a Messerschmidt 109 fighter? James Allison, the deputy technical director of Renault F1.

Who teamed up with Egidio Arzani to start an F1 team in 1954? Gianpaolo Volpini.

Which racing circuit started out life as Hendricks Field, a military training base for bomber aircraft, in 1941? Sebring.

Who designed the Megatron F1 engines? Megatron engines were originally BMW F1 engines and were thus designed by Paul Rosche.

Which F1 engine designer is now making an impact in NASCAR? Nick Hayes now works as the head of engine development at Richard Childress Racing.

Name the man who founded Automobiles Alpines? Jean Redele.

Name the Grand Prix team that was sponsored by Brooke Bond Oxo?. Surtees.

This man won in Formula 3000, raced in F1 and then went on to win a national rally championship and compete in the WRC? Who is he? Stephane Sarrazin.

This fighter ace from Holland ended up as a Grand Prix driver. Who was he? And what was the team he drove for? Jan Flinterman.