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NOVEMBER 18, 2006

BskyB moves in on ITV

The battle for control of F1's most important TV station is getting hotter and hotter. ITV, which supplies its feed to many of the English-speaking audiences around the world, is being fought over by some of the bigger players in the industry and after news of a bid from Germany's RTL came the announcement that BSkyB has bought 17.9% of the ITV company. There is another bid from NTL, which is a consortium featuring Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Group. Legally-speaking BSkyB can buy up to 19.9% of the company but still has to undergo competition enquiries as such a move could be deemed to not be in the public interest.

BSkyB is one of the News Corporation companies, which include Star Sports and Fox. News Corporation has the right to broadcast F1 in a variety of markets, notably India, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, Philippines and Thailand.