Paffett on the verge

The word from Brackley for some days has been that Gary Paffett is the man most likely to be the new Honda F1 test driver. Paffett's experience with McLaren seems to have won him the day although our spies tell us that his management - Martin Brundle and Mark Blundell - have been pushing a little hard on the financial front, convinced that Honda will eventually pay what they want as Paffett has a value which Christian Klien cannot boast. This is an interesting argument but with Klien there and ready to sign at a moment's notice, it is a game of brinkmanship.

If the deal does go ahead it will be good news for Paffett who has clearly been passed over at McLaren to make way for Lewis Hamilton. McLaren has yet to confirm the youngster but it would be amazing for the team to go into 2007 with Pedro de la Rosa alongside Fernando Alonso.

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