Changes at Ferrari

It is expected that later today Ferrari will announce management changes for the future. There has been much speculation about what is going to happen with the most common suggestion being that Ross Brawn will stand down as technical director and will go off for a year away before returning in 12 months time, refreshed and ready to take over the role currently held by Jean Todt. Todt is expected to retire having overseen the transition. There will be new roles for other team members as Todt is currently doing a great deal more than is perhaps wise and it is anticipated that his work in the Ferrari road car business will be handed on to someone else.

It is hard to imagine that Brawn and Todt will both go at the same time, not least because the loss of the pair of them and Michael Schumacher could be disastrous for the team. The skill will be to hold everything together and stop Ferrari returning to its old ways of being a seething mass of competing factions as was the case before Todt arrived.

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