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OCTOBER 19, 2006

Various FIA rulings

The FIA World Coucnil met in Barcelona today and decided various bits and pieces to confirm decision that have been agreed recently. The fine levied on the Turkish GP remains with the race organisers MSO having paid $2.5m and the automobile club TOSFED owing the remainder.

The Council also confirmed that F1 practice will involve two cars, although a nominated third driver can also take part. There will be two 90-minute sessions.

The federation confirmed that the single tyre supplier "is required to provide identical quantities and specifications of tyres to all teams over a calendar year" and that there will be two specifications of tyre at each race. The dry weather tyres have been increased to 14 sets for the weekend with four sets available to each driver for the first day of practice and 10 for the remainder of the weekend. The two-race engine rules will apply only to the second day of practice and the race. Engines will be homologated from 2007 to 2010 which would seem to suggest that the plans for energy-recylcing devices has been pushed back still further. The FIA did not give further details but if this is the case it is a setback for Max Mosley's plans to have alternative energy in F1 in 2009.

The rules for the Safety Car have been changed with cars no longer allowed to enter the pits until they are all bunched up behind the Safety Car. This should mean that cars will not be driven quickly to the pits when there are dangers. There are, however, other issues that may be created with the new rule with teams holding back to sabotage others if, for example, they have had their stops. Lapped cars will be able to get their laps back.

The FIA ECU will be fitted in all testing to ensure that testing is properly policed and the previously discussed idea of weight penalties has been dumped and there will be the 10-place grip position penalty for an engine change and five places for a gearbox change. Teams will however be allowed to change gear ratios under supervision. Ferrari has asked to supply two customer teams for 2008 and this has been accepted. We will have to see whether this means other teams will be allowed to do the same. If not there will be trouble.

The FIA also said that there were "a number of technical regulations" approved for the 2007 and 2008 championships nbut did not bother to give further details.