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OCTOBER 12, 2006

On the way to the Forum

The Motor Sport Business Forum in Monaco on December 6-7 December is shaping up into a big event with over 300 delegates from all over the world. The delegates include championship owners and promoters, such as CVC Capital Partners, the FIA, International Sportsworld Communicators, the Champ Car World Series, SRO, NASCAR, A1 Grand Prix, FIA GT and Eurosport. The Formula 1 World Championship will be represented by team members from Ferrari, WilliamsF1, McLaren-Mercedes, Red Bull Racing, Honda Racing, Toyota F1 and BMW plus representatives from sponsors including Red Bull, Emirates, Allianz, AMD, Bacardi, Diageo, SAP, LVMH, Fosters, RBS, and Intel and circuit owners, not to mention sponsorship agencies, important players in the F1 business world and, of course, the international media. The aim of the forum is to raise issues facing the sport and to discuss how to meet the challenges ahead.

The Forum has now announced that the conference chairman will be Matt Bishop,

the Editor-in-Chief of F1 Racing.

"Formula 1 faces a host of tricky challenges these days - economically, commercially and politically - so an annual Motor Sport Business Forum is more relevant, and more important, than ever before," Bishop said.

Exhibition space at the event has now doubled since last year.

The latest confirmed speakers are Michel Hodara, Chief Operating Officer

of the America's Cup sailing competition, who will compare the F1 world with the America's Cup and Robert Heilbron, the director of the Rotterdam street event, who will talk about the trend of taking racing to the people rather than hoping that people will go to the racing. For further information please go to