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OCTOBER 9, 2006

Renault up to interesting things

Renault UK has recently changed managing-directors with Philippe Talou-Derible disappearing off to France after five years in the UK. His new job is to become commercial director of Renault Sport Technologies, the company which is responsible for commercialising products derived from Renault's racing activities. It does not sound like a promotion but then Renault Sport Technologies is a company that may soon be on the move. Renault boss Carlos Ghosn has made no secret of the fact that he wants racing to generate more income for the company and is rumoureed to be considering a line of high-performance road cars that will carry "Renault F1" badging. It is also said that Ghosn is considering reviving the old Alpine brand. Production of Alpine cars stopped in 1995 and since then the factory in Dieppe has been used to build Renault Sport Spyder and Clio models. One way or the other the name Talou-Derible may be heard of again.