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OCTOBER 3, 2006

Wheldon still hoping for F1?

We hear that Dan Wheldon is still looking for a way to break into Formula 1 and could be seen testing for one of the F1 teams in the course of the winter months. Wheldon grew up racing Jenson Button and Anthony Davidson in karts in Britain and, not surprisingly, believes that he should one day be in F1. Unfortunately his career path took him to America early on because he did not have the backing to climb the European racing ladder. He had a stellar career in the US and has been racing successfully in the Indy Racing League since 2002. He has won the Indianapolis 500 and the IRL Championship and this year was a close second. He has nothing left to prove over there and wants to head home lest he end up in the trap that Sebastien Bourdais is currently in, having become dominant in Champ Cars but being unable to get F1 teams to take a look at him.