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SEPTEMBER 30, 2006

Spyker signs a Ferrari deal

The Spyker MF1 Team has signed an engine supply agreement with Ferrari. This means that unless Cosworth Racing can do a deal to supply engines to one of the two Red Bull teams, the Northampton company will be out of Formula 1.

"To reach agreement with the number one name in the Formula 1 world for over 50 years is a milestone in the history of our company," said Spyker's Victor Muller. "I am convinced that the co-operation of Spyker MF1 Team with Ferrari and its dedicated staff will bear fruit for the 2007 season. Mike Gascoyne's input as Chief Technology Officer, effective November 1, 2006, leads me to believe that Spyker will become a serious contender in the F1 seasons to come."