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SEPTEMBER 29, 2006

The power of an accident

Motor racing is all about getting in the newspapers and it seems that sometimes it is not really important how that is achieved. Michael Schumacher was recently revealed to be the most popular driver in F1, despite all his obvious faults. In part this recognition is because he has been around a long time and in part because he is never out of the news. Over in America Danica Patrick has turned her newsworthiness into a good driver and a large salary and her Champ Car rival Katherine Legge has until recently struggled to get a slice of Danica's limelight.

But a decent accident can make a big impact as Legge has found out after her mammoth crash at Road America.

Since the shunt Legge has enjoyed a media blitz, appearing on all three major network morning shows in addition to ABC's World News Tonight, Inside Edition, Entertainment Tonight ESPN's Cold Pizza.