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SEPTEMBER 26, 2006

FIA survey results

The FIA has announced the results of its latest survey, conducted in league with AMD. The federation's press statement said that 91,000 fans (about the same last year) took part in the survey and that 66% of these fans thought the reintroduction of tyre changes was an improvement and that 73% of them believed the qualifying structure was an improvement which resulted in 51% of them watching more of it.

The need for technology was once again underlined by 91% of the fans believing that F1 is an important showcase for technology but once again 88% saying that more emphasis must be put on driver skill and 86% saying that improving overtaking remains the most important element of racing.

The survey included a number of new aspects this year, including some fairly blatant market research relating to F1 Racing magazine, a partner in the survey and the publication that runs a Max Mosley column each month.

The survey does reveal that Michael Schumacher is the most popular driver. More interesting given that Michael will soon disappear is the fact that Kimi Raikkonen is the second most popular (albeit with only 17% compared to Schumacher's 28%). Jenson Button was third with 8% and Fernando Alonso next with seven percent. Ferrari was voted the most popular team with 30%, compared to McLaren's 21% with Renault and Williams next with 8% each.

Fans want to see more car telemetry, more on-board camera shots and want to hear more pit to car radio. A shocking 80% want to see more interviews with drivers.