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SEPTEMBER 24, 2006

F1 veteran recovers

Former Le Mans winner, F1 racer and automotive journalist Paul Frere is in hospital following a serious road accident while road testing a Honda Civic Type-R on country roads in Germany. The 89-year-old veteran suffered a broken pelvis, several broken ribs and punctures to both lungs in a collision with another vehicle but he is recovering well and is expected to return home in a couple of weeks.

Frere competed in 11 Grands Prix after winning the non-championship Grand Prix des Frontieres at Chimay in 1952. He was taken on by Ferrari and in 1956 finished second to Peter Collins in a Lancia-Ferrari at the Belgian Grand Prix. In 1960 he shared a Ferrari 250TR with Olivier Gendebien to win the Le Mans 24 Hours.