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SEPTEMBER 22, 2006

Bridgestone bids to stay in the limelight

For some weeks now Bridgestone has been pushing for the idea that Formula 1 teams should be allowed to have a choice two different tyre compounds at races in the future - with the fans able to tell the difference by use of coloured sidewalls, a system that is currently being used in Champ Car racing. The aim of the move is to keep attention on tyres after the departure of Michelin at the end of the current season. This is an indication that Bridgestone marketing men are well aware that unless there is some reason for people to talk about tyres in the future, they are only going to be mentioned when they fail.

In Champ Car Bridgestone supplies softer compound tyres - with red sidewalls - and mandates that cars must use these tyres at least once during qualifying and during the race, adding an element of excitement to strategies and increasing the overtaking opportunities.