F1 deal-making in Paris

The FIA has announced that it is planning to push back the introduction of its planned aerodynamic regulations from 2008 to 2009 to allow more research into the subject. previously the FIA had been insisting that teams would have to use the CDG" rear wing idea.

The decision came after a meeting of the teams and the FIA and manufacturers in Paris which agreed to draft regulations for the recovery and reuse of energy for introduction in 2009; draft regulations for devices to use waste heat and exhaust gases to assist the engines in propelling the cars; plus "a number of detailed changes to the 2008 Technical Regulations". this is gloriously vague and therefore is bound to include some interesting things.

The parties involved also agreed that the objective of all new Formula 1 regulations should be to maintain the formula as the pinnacle of motor sport and to satisfy at least one of the following criteria: to improve the show, to improve cost effectiveness, to improve safety, to promote technology relevant to society at large or to facilitate brand recognition.

The meeting also agreed to establish a working group to discuss how to restrict the use of wind tunnels, test rigs, simulation and, where appropriate, the numbers of personnel. This is not likely to get very far because it is asking team owners to throw away parts of the company that they have spent years and huge sums of money investing in.

The meeting did also agree that there will be a voluntary agreement to restrict testing to 30,000km per team in 2007.

The meeting also agreed that 2007 engines will be homologated based on the units used in Japan, subject to a retuning to 19,000rpm. Details of the retuning must be delivered to the FIA by December 15 and the definitive engine must be given to the FIA by March 1 2007.

The meeting also agreed to extend the calendar to 18 races. This will open the way for Imola to return to the calendar but if Turkey is dropped from the World Championship, it might also allow for a Pacific Grand Prix at Suzuka and that could lead to a reshuffle of the calendar at the start of the year.

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