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SEPTEMBER 12, 2006

Red Bull running three in Jerez

Red Bull Racing is going to have an interesting time in Jerez this week, following the departure of Christian Klien. The team will be running his replacement Robert Doornbos, the likely third driver Michael Ammermueller and, curiously, Tonio Liuzzi of Scuderia Toro Rosso. But with Doorbos already ready confirmed for the last three races of the year, Liuzzi is not there to learn about the car - which he knows already - but rather is probably doing set-up work for the team for the races ahead as neither Doornbos nor Ammermueller have enough experience to do that work. And that begs the question of why the team's super-experienced David Coulthard is not down in Spain doing the work. Coulthard has already been confirmed as one of the drivers for next year and while he might have promotional events or somesuch getting in the way, one would have thought in the circumstance he might have been called in.