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Max Mosley, French GP 2006

Max Mosley, French GP 2006 

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FIA President Max Mosley in on holiday at the moment in the south of France but will meet with GPMA chairman Burkhard Goeschel today in Nice for more talks about how to settle the problem of what to do with engines in 2007. In order for the 2008 engine freeze to be brought in early all the teams must agree but they are not willing to do that unless there are some more concessions on the details of the freeze, as the manufacturers believe that there should be more room for development than the FIA wants. The FIA can try to impose the rule on the grounds of safety but that is fraught with difficulty as it might result in arbitration which automatically defeats the FIA because teams would go on developing until after the hearing - and that is unlikely to happen before Christmas so development would happen anyway.

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