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AUGUST 6, 2006

Waiting for news of da Matta

Cristiano da Matta remains in a medically-induced coma in hospital at Neenah, Wisconsin, following his collision with a deer during a test at Elkhart Lake on Thursday afternoon. The Brazilian former Champ Car champion has had multiple CT scans since an operation to ease intracranial pressure. These show that there is no further bleeding but doctors must now wait for the swelling to reduce before they can discover the extent of the damage to Da Matta's brain resulting from the crash. The danger is that after the accident there was not enough oxygen getting to the brain, something that could result in permanent damage. There are a number of tests that can be done to establish brain activity while a patient is in a coma but these will only give a clear picture when the medication is stopped. For the moment however doctors are maintaining the sedation. Da Matta is now in a stable condition but it could be some days before there is any further news.