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AUGUST 2, 2006

The future of Christijan Albers

A further indication that the MF1-Dutch deal is not going to go ahead comes from rumours in Holland that Christijan Albers, the man at the centre of the Dutch bid, is now talking about trying to get a drive with Super Aguri F1 next year.

The Japanese team is expected to keep Takuma Sato but in 2007 does not need to have two Japanese drivers and so could, in theory at least, hire a more experienced F1 driver. The obvious choice is Anthony Davidson, the Honda test driver, but he may not want to move to Super Aguri unless it is more competitive. There is talk that the team might be allowed to use Honda chassis next year, although that would need 100% agreement from all the teams - which is never an easy thing to achieve. In 2008 Super Aguri will be able to use the Honda chassis because that rule will lapse.