The GPMA speaks - but no deal yet

The Grand Prix Manufacturers Association has issued a statement concerning the future engine rules of Formula 1, saying that all six car manufacturers involved in Formula 1 have unanimously agreed on the rules they want but that getting the agreement of all the teams has been impossible because the smaller teams are trying to take advantage of the situation in order to get better deals on their engines. The manufacturers say that they have agreed to create a $50m fund over the next four years in order to "support the development efforts of an independent engine supplier". The Indianapolis Proposal, which allows for a limited amount of development beginning in 2007 rather than a complete freeze in 2008, has not been accepted by two teams. It is our understanding that the two teams that have refused to sign are MF1 Racing and Prodrive.

It remains to be seen if the FIA will accept or reject this as the federation asked for unanimous agreement when the F1 Commission met on July 6. The FIA may choose to insist on unanimity but as we have seen recently the federation is willing to overlook certain requirements if they get in the way of what it wants to see. The FIA is thus in a position to compromise and it will be interesting to see whether it will take the opportunity or go on fighting for the small teams: one of which has access to huge amounts of money and the other which is on the verge of being sold.

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