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JULY 11, 2006

More about Montagny

Franck Montagny will remain as the second Super Aguri F1 driver at the French Grand Prix. According to Japanese sources, Aguri Suzuki was asked to leave the Frenchman in the car for his home Grand Prix, as he is the only French driver currently racing in F1 and Ecclestone did not want the race not to have a French driver.

The word in Japan is that Montagny has agreed to stay with the team for the rest of the year as third driver on the understanding that he will race for the team next season, when it is less important for the team to have a pair of Japanese drivers. This has not been confirmed but will make for an interesting situation as Takuma Sato and Sakon Yamamoto (Montagny's replacement) may find themselves finding over the one remaining seat.