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JULY 7, 2006

Competition problems

Formula 1 has been suffering in recent days from interest being centred on the World Cup soccer competition in Germany and on the Wimbledon tennis championships. These both have a marked effect on the numbers of people showing interest in F1 and are indicative of a problem that F1 needs to address in the longer-term. While the powers-that-be in F1 are busy fighting as usual, public interest in the squabbles is minimal and the proliferation of alternatives is making it harder for F1 to compete. This is true for most sports and F1 is not fairing badly compared to some but the fact remains that F1 needs to find solutions to improve the way it is covered as although the sport remains spectacular by nature, the quality of the TV coverage has not moved on because no-one is willing to invest in the technology to improve the situation.

Rather than quibbling over engine homologation and decision-making processes, it would be wise if those involved in F1 tried to find ways to fund investment to create a better show.