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JUNE 27, 2006

A Champ Car-IRL deal not that close

Stories at the weekend about a merger between Champ Car and the Indy Racing League may have been a little exaggerated, according to the latest remarks from Indianapolis president Tony George. he told Indianapolis's News 8 TV that the deal is not nearly as close as has been suggested.

"We've talked conceptually about how things might be structured, but it's so far from being close to being done," he said. " It's not even worth talking about, so where they came up with not only the headlines, but the story is a bit beyond me."

George said that suggestiions that the two series will run at the same meetings next year were "entirely fabricated".

George went on to say that nothing is imminent and that the relationship with Kevin Kalkhoven of Champ Car needs to develop more.

"We're still getting to know one another, still trying to understand one another," he said. "My sense is its going to take a long time. I enjoy his company and getting to know him, but its just one of those things. It's not gonna happen anytime soon."