Michelin says no to F1

Michelin has announced that it will not be bidding for the right to become the single tyre supplier in 2008.

In a statement the Clermont-Ferrand based company said that "Michelin has continually made its belief known that Formula 1 should, as motorsport's cutting edge discipline, be an arena where the most advanced technologies can do battle in the interest of motoring. In this respect, the changes in the Formula 1 rules to bring in a single-tyre supplier go completely against these principles. It is one more step towards standardising a sport which should be practised at the highest level of competition.

"As a result Michelin will not reply to the FIA tender for tyre supply in Formula 1. It does not wish to be seen to support the spirit of this tender at a time when the quality of its tyres has been amply demonstrated and appreciated but its partners, with a total of 99 Grand Prix wins over the years, under whichever rules have been in place."

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