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JUNE 7, 2006

Formula One tries merchandising

The Formula One group has launched a range of Formula 1-branded merchandise, including teeshirts, pole shirts, caps, and a variety of key rings, wallets, mouse mats, photo frames and document folders. The new range comes in the wake of the recent launch of F1 branded watches and is a sign that the company's new owners CVC Capital Partners are keen for the sport to produce more revenues. The items on offer are aimed at the high-end of the market with baseball caps selling for $37, rising to $230 for special edition versions featuring Swarovski crystals. F1-branded teeshirts are $56 and polo shirts cost $84. Race posters are available at $37, key rings start at $46 while wallets cost $93. Further up the scale one can buy carbonfibre mouse mats and leather document folders for $466.