Todt bangs on about the stewards

Jean Todt, European GP 2006

Jean Todt, European GP 2006 

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Jean Todt continues to say that the FIA stewards at Monaco were wrong.

"When you're in front of a judge, or in front of a tribunal, it doesn't mean that the opinion is always right," he said. "There could be a lengthy discussion but it will not change your opinion, it will not change our opinion, it will not change his opinion. We tried to demonstrate what had happened with the information, with telemetry data we had that it was a driver's mistake. He explained all that at length and we had the telemetry evidence which allowed us to understand. We have, in detail, all the evidence of this special episode. It was not taken into consideration. My opinion is that he should have been given what is known as the benefit of the doubt."

Todt also says that the incident had no effect on the image of Ferrari.

"The team has supported Michael and I don't see where Ferrari should be damaged in what has happened," he said.

Having said that Luca Montezemolo, the Ferrari chairman who is usually a high profile figure at Monaco was nowhere to be seen on Sunday - and that sent out a message.

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