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MAY 28, 2006

Michael mugged by media

Media reaction to Michael Schumacher has been almost universal with all the major newspapers giving the Ferrari ace a bad time. The Sunday Times in London headlined its story "Cheating F1 ace banished to back of grid" and reported that Schumacher was" relegated to the back of the grid in disgrace after being found to have cheated in qualifying". The Sunday Telegraph said that "some of the most famous names in motor sport were united in calling for Schumacher to be thrown out of Grand Prix racing" while The Observer said that "Schumacher's credibility as a worthy champion and as example to young drivers came under question when, not for the first time in his career - the Ferrari driver committed a professional foul."

The Daily Mail headline was "You're a cheat", The Express led with "Schumacher in cheat row" while both the News of the World and The Daily Star used "Schu Cheat" headlines and The Sunday People followed the same theme with "Schu Big Cheat". The Sunday Mirror was more restrained reporting that the German had a "convenient breakdown".