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MAY 27, 2006

A Grand Prix in India?

India is once again moving towards hosting a Formula 1 race. There have been several projects in recent years, notably in Calcutta and in Hyderabad but both plans ran into trouble at the political level and disappeared. The latest project is in New Delhi and the plan is to combine the race with the development work currently going ahead in preparation for the Commonwealth Games in 2010. The Indian government has agreed to provide $1.1bn in funding, double what was spent in Melbourne, and this has led to controversy as sports authorities are saying that the money should be spread around a little more. Building a circuit as part of the project would be a clever way to offset some of the criticism. The problem, as always, is the fees that the Formula One group want for a race and talks over that are currently taking place.

Sunder Mulchandani, the boss of Argus Integrated Systems, is behind the new plan and hopes that the government will agree to fund the contract so as to put India on the motor racing map and improve the image of New Delhi.

Mulchandari has played an important role in taking UIM Formula 1 Powerboats to the city of Mumbai.

The New Delhi government plans to build new flyovers to decongest the crowded roads, renovate the airport, construct new stadia and a Games village that will be converted into a residential complex after the event.