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MAY 28, 2006

Ferrari reacts

Ferrari has reacted as one would expect to the decision of the FIA Steward at Monaco. The reaction underlines the odd belief that seems to exist that Ferrari is somehow above the law in F1.

"Ferrari notes with great displeasure the decision of the race stewards, which is to delete the times set by Michael Schumacher in qualifying for the Monaco Grand Prix," said Jean Todt. "We totally disagree with it. Such a decision creates a very serious precedent, ruling out the possibility of driver error. Michael was on his final timed lap and he was trying to put his first place beyond doubt, as could be seen from the fact that his first split time was the best and could have seen him do another very good lap. With no real evidence, the stewards have assumed he is guilty."

Such an opinion, expressed by another team, might lead to further action from the FIA but it seems that Ferrari has not even considered this possibility.