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MAY 24, 2006

Red Bull hopes for a big leap at Silverstone

Red Bull Racing has been very disappointing this year, not only for observers but also for the team, that had hoped for much more following the switch to Ferrari engines. The team says there is nothing wrong with the engines despite the fact that the cars are considerably slower than the Ferraris in a straight line (and, oddly, get slower as the cars accelerate more). The team started out badly over the winter with cooling troubles that meant that the car could not be optimised as planned but the effect of the arrival of Adrian Newey is expected soon with a major bodywork upgrade being planned for the British Grand Prix. The new aerodynamic package will be tested in the week after Monaco and if all goes well it will be seen at Silverstone. The team hopes that this will make the cars much better and David Coulthard and Christian Klien should then be able to show a little more pace, as neither is currently secure for the future.