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MAY 17, 2006

Change needed in Barcelona?

The rather dull Spanish Grand Prix has led to rumblings that Formula 1 would like to see some changes made to the track to facilitate overtaking in order that the track puts on a better show in the future. The track is famous for producing races without much overtaking and there are suggestions that the best way to solve the problem would be to redesign the first corner area so that the long main straight would feed into a tight loop, such as they have at the Nurburgring.

Although we have not heard of any plans, there is no doubt that this could be done at minimal cost and disruption by using tarmac that currently links the main straight to the return section of the track. By running the cars across this area (which is located on the right after the pits but before the first corner) and then sending them up the existing track towards the Seat corner (in reverse to the current layout) the only construction work needed would be short new sections linking from before the Seat section to the start of Turn 3 and a second link after Turn 4 which would link up with the short straight that runs uphill after Wurth. Such a plan would reduce the length of the circuit but could create one or perhaps two overtaking points while not disrupting the current viewing areas to any great extent.

It is entirely possible given the huge crowds that the race has attracted in recent years that there could be even more money available for bigger changes. The important point however is that a decision must be made to embark on change.