An apology

Castle, European GP 2006

Castle, European GP 2006 

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We would like to apologise the our readers today for a lack of news from the Nurburgring. This is because of difficulties encountered with communications as the circuit feels the need to charge each member of the international media $380 to get access to high-speed Internet services. In addition it is also making sure that journalists who try to create their own wireless networks using these lines are unable to do so, thus maximising their revenues by screwing more money out of the media.

The purpose of a Grand Prix is to promote the area in which the race takes place and, not surprisingly, members of the media - many of whom are freelance and pay their own expenses - are not very keen on paying to deliver the message when they already invest $40,000 a year to attend the F1 races.

The powers-that-be in F1 say that this is unfortunate but argue that they can do nothing about it. Sadly that means that we cannot properly tell you about the delights of the region. There is a famous old racing circuit here - owned by the local authorities - which runs through the hills. This is a successful enterprise because of the large number of visitors who come each year (not just for the Grand Prix) and the circuit is currently talking of a big investment to improve its facilities.

Unfortunately the F1 race does not make money itself and so the authorities are squeezing every penny from their visitors rather than trying to offer them a warm welcome. If you do feel the need to visit, please remember to hold on tightly to your wallet.

While we fully understand that F1 fans do not care much about the problems encountered by the media, we feel that it is important to put such follies into the spotlight in order to try to convince the authorities to ensure that things improve in the future so that the Grands Prix can get as much coverage as they deserve.

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