A serious look at F1

Sport Business has launched a new industry report into "The Business of Formula One". The two-volume report is designed to be a guide to anyone who is interested in getting involved in the sport and looks at all aspects of the Grand Prix world. The report explains the mechanics of investing in Formula 1, throws some light on the complex F1 community, interviews key people on the business side of F1, includes case studies of companies that have used F1 to their advantage and assesses the future of the sport. The Sport Business Group specialises in providing information about the business related to sport, a sector which it believes is worthy of its own analysis, intelligence, trade media and B2B marketing services. The report has been compiled by journalists Christian Sylt and Caroline Reid with assistance from the Formula One group.

For further information go to http://www.sportbusiness.com/reports/f1.adp.

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