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APRIL 28, 2006

The BRDC moves on

The British Racing Drivers' Club, the owner of Silverstone, has elected Damon Hill to be its new chairman. The 1996 World Champion replaces Sir Jackie Stewart, who has stood down from the role he has held for the last six years. The current board of directors did however survive a vote of no confidence with a vote of 223 versus 91.

The meeting also changed several important club rules, giving associate members the right to vote and allowing the club to sell or lease land with only a 75% majority.

Sir Jackie Stewart told members that the British government has still to follow through on its promise in 2003 tahat it would help the club to develop Silverstone.

"Whilst government is pouring hundreds of millions of pounds into sports across the UK through lottery funding and other sources in anticipation for the Olympics in 2012, they refuse to put significant amounts into motorsport," Stewart said. "We continue to struggle as a small club without the financial support that almost every other country in the world

gives to their Grands Prix on the Formula 1 circuit. We as a club are not of sufficient size, or financial strength, to develop Silverstone and maintain the British Grand Prix on our own."