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APRIL 27, 2006

Alpha, Beta, Gamma

The Greek alphabet is always a useful thing for companies that cannot think of good names for its businesses while they are sorting out company structures during an acquisition phase and it is interesting to note that after Alpha Topco and Alpha Prema (UK) Ltd became the important companies in the new structure of the Formula One group, CVC's purchase of Allsport Management and its related companies have involved a number of companies called Beta Topco 2 and Beta Prema (UK) Ltd.

Beta Topco 2 Ltd has acquired the activities of the Allsopp Parker & Marsh group of companies, which holds various F1 commercial rights under deals with the Formula One group, while Beta Prema (UK) Ltd, a Beta Topco 2 subsidiary, will acquire the assets and businesses of Allsport Management SA.

Beta Prema (UK) Ltd, was established in March and is registered at 6 Princes Gate, the headquarters of the Formula One group.

It is worth noting that at the moment there are no listings for Gamma Prema (UK) Ltd or Gamma Topco which would seem to suggest that CVC is not currently planning any more acquisitions for its investment in Formula 1.