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APRIL 21, 2006

Behind the motorhomes in Imola

Alex Shnaider has been rather excited in recent days about rumours suggesting that he is selling his MF1 Racing Formula 1 team. Indeed he has even become rather impolite on the subject.

"It's lazy, irresponsible journalism, and in the end, the lies only serve to damage their own credibility," Shnaider told Canada's Globe and Mail. "The media writing these rumours should go back and analyze everything they wrote about us last year and see whether anything they reported happened."

This was an interesting response to stories that Alfonso de Orleans-Borbon of the Racing Engineering GP2 team is seeking to buy the MF1 Racing team.

Some of the lazy hacks may have gone home by 5pm on Friday afternoon at Imola but those with sharp eyes would have spotted the figure of Orleans-Borbon picking his way through the equipment behind the F1 motorhomes to arrive at the back door of the MF1 motorhome. No doubt Alex Shnaider will have a suitable explanation about the visit, but it would not be a surprise if irresponsible members of the F1 media concluded that the Spanish nobleman was not there for a cup of tea.