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APRIL 12, 2006

Carlin wants F1 return

Trevor Carlin has admitted that his is one of the 22 team bosses who have submitted an entry for the 2008 FIA Formula One World Championship.

Carlin, formerly sporting director at the troubled Midland outfit, said in a statement: "We believe that the introduction of the new initiatives by the FIA in regard to sporting and technical rule changes for the future of Formula 1 have been designed to allow successful junior teams such as Carlin Motorsport to make the previously difficult step up to Formula One. The proposed cost reductions should bring the necessary budgets within our reach.

"We are well underway with building an appropriate infrastructure and have firm commitments from key people who are experienced in F1 design, marketing, management and operations. They will join us if our entry is accepted.

"We have also agreed the purchase of an established facility in the south of England, for design and specialist production and a composite facility near our base to handle the major workload.

"We realise that there is considerable competition for the entry and the team's credentials are our success in racing. We are confident that the requisite finance will be available from our existing contacts if the entry is accepted."

One obvious possibility is for Carlin to purchase the Midland team from Russian steel magnate Alex Schnaider, who does not appear certain that he really wants to be in F1.