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MARCH 16, 2006

Ralf talks about Toyota's disaster in Bahrain

Ralf Schumacher has been shedding some light on the poor performance of Toyota in Bahrain. The team believes that the problem is that the cars are not heating the tyres effectively and that means that the tyres are not working in the way they were designed to work, which in turn means that lap times are not very good.

"The car was a bit difficult to drive," said Ralf. "That had to do with a combination of car and tyres, certainly. The tyres were capable of doing better things, that was easy to see. It's just down to us to find a way to do that. We have a different tyre choice here. The track conditions should be a bit better for us so in general, it should be a lot better here. At the same time we have to admit that we still have to understand the reasons for Bahrain."