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MARCH 15, 2006

Word from Japan

There is a story with very interesting implications in Japan with Aguri Suzuki's rumoured backer Softbank reported to be in the process of raising money to buy Vodafone KK, the Japanese subsidiary of Vodafone. This would be done using a new company established by Softbank and offering shares in the firm to acquire Vodafone KK and then merging it the two companies into one new subsidiary. This will raise a huge amount of money and it could be that some of that will find its way into F1 to fund Suzuki and promote the new service.

Suzuki says he intends to announce his team's funding next month.

Although Super Aguri did not achieve much in Bahrain, the fact that the cars ran at all was very impressive given what the team has achieved in recent weeks and up and down the F1 pitlane there was nothing but admiration for the passion of the team and the amazing job that had been done to get the team ready. Being only five seconds off the pace with chassis based on a 2002 car is actually a good achievement and bodes well for the future.