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MARCH 15, 2006 signs The Mole

The Mole, a shadowy figure who operates a network of spies throughout the motor racing world, has for the last six years, provided clandestine insights in Formula 1 for the ITV-F1 website. After months of secret negotiation, The Mole has now decided to switch operations to

Until 2000 The Mole was not allowed to reveal anything about his role as the head of the Motor Racing and Trade Development Department (formerly known as The Motor Racing and Tinpot Dictator Department) of the Secret Intelligence Service but with the Freedom of Information Act and the arrival of an SIS website ( The Mole is now permitted to give occasional details about the activities of his department, including his four field agents all called Penelope, Schmutzli the creepy archivist and Miss Pringle-Featherby (of the Berkshire Pringle-Featherbys). The Mole's adventures also extend to his friends The Colonel and the Reverend O.

Each week on, The Mole will give F1 fans the chance to read about the very latest secret developments in F1 circles as he and his staff fight to keep British motor racing the best in the world.

Due to budgetary constraints, The Mole is also considering a range of merchandise for F1 fans, including "I am a Penelope" teeshirts and hats proclaiming "I know The Mole" although these items, designed to confuse those who are trying to track The Mole down, have yet to receive clearance from the powers-that-be.

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